Since Nile Sons Egypt (NSE) was established in 2005, it has striven to be a market leader and reference for both competitors and customers. The company welcomes challenges; it views them as rich opportunities for growth. Accordingly, the high board has instructed NSE business development team to search for unusual business opportunities to expand in a new direction. As it is known, stone industry depends mainly on building and real estate activities. guided by Mohamed El-Shahawy, NSE marketing guru and business consultant, NSE business development team decided to look for countries with construction booming. The team members Ola Ezzat and Ehab Hassan worked cooperatively in gathering the necessary data that confirms “Canada” to be one of the fastest growing markets in construction sector. Encouraged with the green light, the team started to conduct in-depth study plans and research to make sure everything is on track before making the next move.

The story is more than just marble!

Stone market isn’t only about marble trade; it includes other numerous types of metals and minerals. Granite is one of the most valuable crystallized stone rocks. It is available in wide range of colors: white, pink, red, and gray. Economically, China is deemed the biggest exporter of granite to North America in 2015 with 89% growing exporting rate, followed by Italy, Spain and Brazil. For NSE granite products, the company proudly provide the global market with an elegant set of the purest granite types in a superior quality: Rosa Red Granite, Bianco Halayb Granite, Gazal Dark Granite, Hoody Light Granite, and Charme Granite.

A ring is still missing, yea?

Despite the promising construction statistics and data gathered by the business development team, Canada’s consumption rates of mineral stones are never encouraging. Well, the market is full of attractive factors in terms of logistics, financial capacity, trade facilities, infrastructure, and purchasing power, yet, this is not the case concerning consumers’ need for natural stone. Canada imports around 76% of marble from the U.S, although its humble quality! In Canada, marble is merely used in maintenance and decorating churches. Unlike Russians, who use marble and granite in building houses, hotels, or restaurants, decoration and renovation. Canadians are not fans of marble; their culture doesn’t value natural stone that much. Instead, Wood is their more practical choice.

Geography has the answer

Canada consists of eight distinct forest regions, including extensive boreal forest on the Canadian Shield where an enormous stock of wood is available. Canadians highly prefer wooden products and artefacts. No wonder that marble and granite do not gain the expected popularity, while woods are almost everywhere.

To withdraw, to win

Withdrawal is not always a loss, sometimes it indicates a wise observation of the scene. But for the efforts of the business development team; Ola Ezzat focusing on Canada’s market potentials and Ehab Hassan analyzing the U.S market, NSE would have made a tragic mistake of entering the Canadian market. In the absence of clear data and credible feasible studies, rushing toward profits disregarding market dynamics and psychographics becomes catastrophic.

Case closed, Minds opened

Right decisions are never accidental; they are results of analysis, teamwork, and intuition. In the case of Canadian market, Construction booming was never enough reason to penetrate that market. Analyzing taste and checking trade records were the right steps to make the right decision. Whoever walks the extra mile, will surely reach the right destination.