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Nile Sons Egypt (NSE) is a natural stone exporting company based in Egypt. We have been inventing, inspiring and investing in natural stone industry for over ten years. We believe in the power of art and nature; we blend them to develop final fascinating pieces, talking to customers through color, finish, and design. Being our partner, you enrich your business with magnificent stone pieces and unnegotiable level of high quality and commitment.


Passion, excellence, and commitment have positioned NSE as exceptional natural stone supplier in the stone market. Establishing the First factory, the company has earned trust and confidence of both public and private sector. In the first few years, the Brand NSE becomes the main provider of natural stone for Egyptian railway and underground network. Being well-recognized brand, NSE has worked actively in other sectors like renovation, construction, Designing, and the bracket is still open. We are passionate about the stone industry and willing to chase success in each related business opportunity.


NSE first factory was established in 2005, in Sha’ al Tho’ban, Egypt. In a country, full of majestic structures and patterns, the company’s mission becomes to supply the nation of natural stone with exceptional Egyptian marble and granite products that express longevity and style.  The start was never easy; our steps were wisely planned and interestingly achieved.

NSE has gained mature experience by working with big names in construction, designing, and Decoration and thus generated a strong word of mouth. To meet Domestic and international demand, the company has established its second factory in 2012, In Arab Mosa’d, Egypt.  This move has enabled NSE to maximize the production capacity to reach 3000 m2 per day. The booming business has motivated NSE to open an export office in KSA and other two in Egypt.


NSE pride themselves in being the first to hire R&D team of professionals to improve the quality and durability of their marble products. The company is the first Egyptian brand to invite advanced treatment production line to the domestic market, thus, NSE has become a trusted reference and consultant for both competitors and customers. We are investing in your business and brand name by supplying you with the best stone products.

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